2017 Calendar Contest – Vote Now

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Thank you to all who submitted their ARFers for the 2017 calendar.  Now it is time to vote!  All ARF members are eligible to vote.  Not a member yet?  Join today for only $15.

Meet the candidates:

Since the moment we saw Bailey she was family. We hadn’t had a dog in three years and I think we had somewhat forgotten how much we missed the unconditional love a dog can give. She’s our alarm clock, door greeter and overall love giver. She has brought so much happiness to our lives and home. Now I can’t imagine a day without “Bay Bay”. She’s special because she’s ours!!!

I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple years now and just never get around to it.

Bruno is going on 8 this year and I got him from his foster parent, Peggy when he was about 8 weeks old. I actually ended up going to her house to see his litter mate, but ended up picking him.

In Jan 2016 we discovered a lump in his stomach which we decided to have surgery and remove. It turned to to be a benign tumor from his spleen which was successfully removed and weighed almost 4kg’s! During that rough patch I couldn’t picture my life without him and have done everything his whole life to make his the best.

He’s the best dog anyone could ask for!

Hey everyone! This is my best friend, Casey. I adopted her in December 2014 after reading that puppies and dogs can aid coping with depression and anxiety. She does exactly that. Casey has been an incredible support during some incredibly difficult times, including my mom’s recent cancer diagnosis. She is exceptionally perceptive to my moods and always comforts me when she can tell that I’m feeling down. She sleeps in my bed to keep me safe and secure at night. On top of all of that, she makes an excellent companion for my mom’s Bernese Mountain Dog. She is also absolutely hilarious and can put a smile on anyone’s face. She has a dorky, happy personality that you can’t help but love. This silly, sweet, and gentle girl is my saving grace.

Our Chelsea girl is a real character – she is a charmer when it benefits her “do I get a belly rub” “how about a cookie” ” my ear, chin and chest need a scratch” and Miss Aloof when it suits her “it’s cold outside” “no walks for me”. “A car ride? Forgetaboutit!” And she still likes to cuddle and knows exactly when to give a snuggle to make us feel better.

Cooper I.
Cooper is such a rock star he let me bring in any foster to his home . He helps the shy ones come out of their shell and the puppies he helps show teavh them manners. He is great with kids and any human he meets.

Cooper K.
Cooper is the newest addition to our family, and from the day we picked him up his personality shawn through. He was initially a foster puppy, but as soon as we set eyes on him, we knew that we would never be able to let him go! Cooper is an adventurous puppy, who loves to play and explore. His curiosity is not limited to the opportunities he is presented with, and is sure to let us know if he feels he should be able to do something, often by throwing himself to the ground, and vocally having a husky temper tantrum. His huge paws, and too big for him ears, are just a few of the adorable characteristics that help him get away with this curious behaviour.

Cosmo Thomas O’Malley
He is quirky, funny and a big bundle of love.

Jax is the sweetest pet we’ve ever owned. He loves to be held and snuggled but is still very playful! He loves to play with his toys and play fetch with large hair elastics! He greets every guest at the door looking for a head rub, sometimes he acts more like a than a cat!

Koda is such a sweet cat with a gentle and loving soul. He loves nothing more than to curl up on someone’s lap and purr. He loves chasing his older brothers around the house or playing alone with a cat toy. Everyone who sees him comment on how beautiful he is with his long, white fur. But his soul is even more beautiful. He is so funny to watch run and jump. When he jumps he has this unique ability to land with his back feet first. We hope you pick him to be in the 2017 calendar as he truly is beautiful.

We adopted Kona February 2015, and she has brought so much joy to us, and our families! She is playful and loving, both to humans and fellow dogs. She is gentle with puppies and when we tried our hand at fostering her motherly instincts really kicked in, as she watched over the pups as if they were her own. She continued to amaze us when we adopted our second dog in February 2016. She loves to chase, wrestle, snuggle with her new brother and protect him at the dog park. Kona can be found chewing on bones, snuggling with her great grandma on the couch or wagging her tail to greet anyone entering the room.

I am a gentle giant and just a big sweetie.
I love my brother and my doggie big sister Lisi

He loves to be part of the action, loves to play fetch, and loves hanging with his new big brother Buddy.

Oakley is the best friend we could ever ask for! She is constantly making us laugh with her huge ears and unique personality. She loves to be out in the country or wilderness, chasing anything from squirrels to snowmobiles and play-wrestling any dog willing to take her on.

Oreo is one of the sweetest most gentle dogs ever. We got Oreo at the end of January and she has been a great addition to our family. We had to put down our first fur baby almost 2 years ago. When we saw and met Oreo she just fit in. Our life and hearts are complete again because of Oreo and ARF.

His initial reaction is to let out a big bark to keep you at bay, however once he has let down his guard and let you enter his world you will never be kicked out. He will be silly and playful but can be that dog who lays his head on your lap to tell you everything is ok. He has made our world complete and I have been told my smile lights up a dark room when I see him. Zack is unconditional love and trust.

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All ARF members are entitled to vote for the faces of the 2017 ARF Calendar. Not a member yet? Join today for only $15! Each member has three votes to cast, and the top eight dogs and four cats will be featured in the 2017 Calendar – tough choices! Polls will remain open until April 30, 2016 at 11:59 pm.

Polls are closed and the votes are being tallied – stay tuned!

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