ARF Feature Volunteer

Meet Kelly! Kelly is an amazing cat foster home who is currently fostering Flash – our kitty with Spina Bifida. Kelly cares for him 24/7, which includes medications, expressing his bladder, changing his diaper, bathing him, and various other treatments. She takes him to all of his appointments, fundraises on her own for all of […]


2017 Calendar Contest – Vote Now

Thank you to all who submitted their ARFers for the 2017 calendar.  Now it is time to vote!  All ARF members are eligible to vote.  Not a member yet?  Join today for only $15. Meet the candidates: Bailey Since the moment we saw Bailey she was family. We hadn’t had a dog in three years […]


Nero’s Happy Ending

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Nero; he is adjusting really well! After a couple of hours of being here he wanted to run around the house. My other cat, Sookie, and him have been chasing each other around and playing all of the time. They are accepting each other really […]


Bow’s Happy Ending

We are so happy to have a new addition to our family! Bow is an absolute sweetheart; we have renamed her Minnow, but her nickname is now NuNu. I swear she has not stopped purring since we welcomed her to our home. She spends her day watching the birds and squirrels in the garden, sharpening […]


Courtesy Post – Isabella

Well hello there! I’m Isabella and I’m one happy rescue dog! My foster mom says I “exude happiness”. I’m not sure what that means but I know my tail is always wagging and I love life. I was very thin and sick when ARF Ontario rescued me. I’m feeling great now and have an abundance […]


Obie’s Happy Ending

Not long after my husband and I got married, I wanted to adopt a dog. I went to Pet Smart on a Saturday “just to look”, but once I laid eyes on Obie, I fell in love. We had a cuddle and played in the store, and I came home declaring I had found the […]


2017 Calendar Contest

It’s that time of year again! We are looking for four cats and eight dogs to grace the pages of the 2017 ARF Calendar. We know that all ARFers are special, but tell us what makes your ARF cat or dog special to you, and he or she just might make it into the next ARF […]


ARF Feature Volunteer

Meet Reanna! Reanna has been volunteering in many capacities with ARF since June 2012. You may have seen her around at PetSmart, puppy classes, and other events. She’s involved with dog fostering, screening, dog training and has even been a holding home (for underage pups, before they are ready for adoption). Reanna has a natural […]


Monty’s Happy Ending

It has been just over a year since we adopted Monty from your organization and what a ride it’s been in that time! Monty has doubled in size and more than doubled in weight since we got him and is now somewhere between 65 & 70lbs and about 2ft high at the shoulder. He’s such a happy little […]


Nova’s Happy Ending

We adopted Nova a the beginning of November and she has made a great addition to the family. We have another dog and they get along very well. She is a great little girl, she loves her walks, chew toys and tennis balls! She likes to talk a lot, her moans and yawns are too […]


Chai’s Happy Ending

We adopted Chai in September 2015. She is 5 months old now, healthy and growing. Vet says she will be approx 60lbs. She is spoiled with lots of toys and treats. Chai is a sweet and very friendly puppy. She loves going for her walks twice a day and loves being outside. She will love […]


Hugo’s Happy Ending

My husband and I crossed paths with Hugo (formerly Lil’ O) at this year’s ARF Walk N’ Wag and it was love at first sight.   We’ve only had him a little over a month and already couldn’t imagine life without him.  He is sweet and outgoing and happily greets everyone he meets (humans and dogs alike). He loves going in the car because it usually […]

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