2259M: Jack

5.5 years old

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Visit Jack & Murphy in person at ARF’s Remote Adoption Location in Pisces Pet Emporium!

Jack may not like having his photo taken, but he is the most awesome cat out there. Jack loves to play hard, snuggle hard, and, when the time is right, sleep hard. Jack loves to play with his best friend, Murphy; tackle toys; and bask in the sunlight. Prior to coming to ARF Jack suffered several serious injuries. The cause is unknown; however, it is likely that he was attacked by another animal. Jack was covered in many wounds and lacerations in addition to suffering from a badly broken leg. Unfortunately, Jack’s leg could not be saved; however, it doesn’t slow him down one bit! He runs, jumps, plays, and gets into trouble just like any other cat! Jack is also blind in one eye – it is unknown whether or not this was caused at the same time as his other injuries or if it is something he was born with, but it doesn’t bother him either. Jack is one tough kitty! What he lacks in depth perception and coordination, he makes up for with lots of laughs and love!

Jack and Murphy met while in the ARF program after both having had suffered from serious injuries. During their physical therapy and recovery, they became the best of friends, so we are looking for a wonderful, loving home for them together. These boys are both amazing cats who would do best in a calm, quiet adult home where they can get lots of love and attention as the only pets. If you are looking for the coolest cats around, look no further than this dynamic duo – they are best friends that you have been looking for.

Meet Jack’s best friend, Murphy!

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