2435F: Willow

5 months old

Please note: We cannot guarantee the size or breed of our animals.

Visit Willow in person at ARF’s Remote Adoption Location in Pisces Pet Emporium!

Willow is a sweet and playful kitty looking for a family that she can shower with love and kitten kisses! Whether curling up on a lap, cuddling on the couch, sitting on a shoulder or snuggling in bed at night, Willow loves to be around her humans! She gives kisses and is very affectionate. Willow has lots of energy and loves to play with anything and everything – this little ball of feist is still learning that using her teeth and claws is not appropriate when playing with her humans. Willow is looking for an adult family with cat experience and knowledge who are willing to continue teaching her that teeth and claws are only appropriate with cat toys. She loves all of her people and she even gets along with cat-appropriate dogs – especially if they are willing to share their dog bed! Willow would like a home where she is the only cat and can be the kitty queen of her castle. She has lots of love to give and would be the perfect addition to a family willing to give her lots of love in return.

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