4764F: Indie

3 years old

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Name: Indie
Size: Medium/Large
Age: 2 years
Birthplace: Alberta, Canada
Position: Cuddler
Fetches: Left
Experience: Rookie
Current Team: Animal Rescue Foundation
Fetching Percentage: 98%
Penalty Minutes (“accidents”): 0
Dogs: Maybe
Cats: Yes
Children: see below

Growing up in rural Alberta, Indie dreamed of making it to the big leagues (a home & family of her own).

Finally her chance came when she was scouted by the Alberta Spay and Neuter Task Force at one of their clinics and invited to ARF’s training camp where she was drafted 1st overall (found a foster home). Now as a free agent (available for adoption,) she is looking for a team (family) that will allow her to showcase her talents and take her to her ultimate goal….. Winning the Stanley Pup Trophy (getting a forever home)!

Indie loves being part of a team but is selective of her teammates (family members). Human teammates should be 12 and older and have dog experience. Indie is selective of her doggy friends but is great with cats. She would prefer a home without other dogs. Would consider a home with another dog that had a very passive personality and a home that is familiar with slow gradual introductions and resource guarding. Indie has shown minor resource guarding of food and some toys towards other dogs. Potential teams (adopters) should be educated about resource guarding before meeting Indie. Information about Resource Guarding can be found here.

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