4766M: Pete

4 years old

Please note: We cannot guarantee the size or breed of our animals.

Pete is a very sweet dog. He is low energy and happy just lounging around the house. He walks well on a leash, but does not enjoy going for walks longer than 10 minutes. He has worked very hard on his house training, but accidents do happen very occasionally. He marks in the house but this has greatly improved over the past couple of months, the past few weeks he has maybe marked twice. He has never marked on furniture or carpet, only the curtains and against the bathtub. We have found limiting his water after 8:00 pm has really helped. Unfortunately, Pete will not do well in a home with cats. He has been introduced to three different cats and on all occasions has barked non-stop until he was removed from the situation. He does very well with larger dogs and fairly well with puppies, he just does not like them climbing on him; we would say that would go for with any small dog. Pete will do best going into a home that already has a dog. He is calm and well mannered when left unattended in the house with his foster home’s dogs. He has been left home alone twice without the other dogs and his foster home came home to him being very anxious and he had gotten into a little mischief. When Pete first moved into his foster home, he would wake in the night anxious, barking and crying very loudly almost every hour, but he is doing so much better with this and has not had an episode in almost three weeks. Pete is very gentle with kids of all ages and happily lays down beside them and watches what they are doing. He does not jump up on them or try to lick their faces and has not been nervous around new people; rolling over to get his belly rubbed for anyone.

Pete will do best going to a family that has an easy-going lifestyle that won’t leave him home alone too much. His ideal home would be where is already another family dog that will accept him. He will need a family that will understand he does have occasional accidents and might mark in the house and be willing to take advantage of the free training ARF requires of adopters. He is such a good dog and will make a excellent addition to the right family.

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