4780M: Odin

2.5 years old

Please note: We cannot guarantee the size or breed of our animals.

Odin is here to lick some faces and melt some hearts! Seriously, just look at that big face and little bow tie – irresistible.  This handsome boy is ready to find his forever home and couldn’t be more excited about it. Sometimes Odin is nervous with new people and in new places, but as long as you are with him he knows that you will keep him safe! He is still learning life skills, so Odin will need an experienced, patient family that is willing to work on confidence and trust building with him. Odin is a sweet boy who loves a good snuggle by the fireplace or a good bone to chew, but, most of all, he loves to spend his time with his family!  He can be nervous in busy environments with loud noises and lots of movement, so an adult home or a home with older children would be best for him. He also loves cats! Odin enjoys spending time with some dogs too, but he can be picky about his dog friends, so he would definitely need to meet any potential dog siblings first. Odin is not a candidate for off-leash parks, but he walks great on leash and loves to spend one-on-one time with his family walking through neighborhoods or in the on-leash parks. He also has great manners! Odin is house trained, crate trained, and is very well-behaved in the house – he is a great companion and friend! He does have some allergies, so Odin has a special diet, but he loves it and never complains about what is for supper. Odin is a super sweet, loving boy who deserves an amazing home. He can’t wait for his forever family! His ideal home will enroll in the training classes ARF offers right away, so you can start bonding and building your relationship on the right paw.

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