4830M: Nicco

1.5 years old

Please note: We cannot guarantee the size or breed of our animals.

Nicco is a handsome and charming male who would make a great addition to the right home. Nicco is house trained and crate trained, and is most comfortable relaxing at home close to his people, where he is generally calm and well behaved. 

Nicco responds extremely well to affection and is very motivated by treats and food. He likes to play fetch and loves playing with his different toys. Nicco likes to take short walks around the neighbourhood which is allowing him the opportunity to work on his impulse control around new and exciting things. With an adopter committed to continuing his training he should be able to learn how to deal with these emotions and reactions. He is not aggressive but sometimes his over excited behavior gives that impression, which is why he is working hard on his manners and social skills, especially when seeing or meeting other dogs. Nicco looks forward to working with his new owners who are committed to continuing his training.

Nicco is likely to be most successful in a home that is not too hectic and where he is the only dog, although, under the right circumstances he could benefit from learning the ropes from an existing companion dog in the household. 

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