4885M: Radar

7.5 months old

Please note: We cannot guarantee the size or breed of our animals.

If there’s a water Radar will find it! He loves water and getting wet. You can find him trying to swim in the water dish, a puddle, playing in the sprinkler, and sneaking in the shower. He is an affectionate guy with a sensitive side. He will show you just how sad he is with his sweet eyes and bowed head if he doesn’t get his way or gets into a little too much mischief. He is always up for a belly rub and ear scratching and perfectly content lounging around. Radar is almost house trained and fully crate trained. He understands basic obedience skills and eager to please, he is all about working to earn those treats. Radar is ready for life’s adventures and to become a member of his forever family.

My ideal home will enroll in the training classes ARF offers right away, so we can start bonding and building our relationship on the right paw.

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