4895M: Marty

5.5 months old

Please note: We cannot guarantee the size or breed of our animals.

Marty loves you already, and you’ve only just met through a picture! Marty is looking for a special family to call his own. He is a wonderful pup with a lot of love to give. Marty is a very smart and well behaved guy. He has learned basic obedience very quickly, does wonderfully both on and off leash and has great name recall. Marty has gotten along well with other dogs of all sizes and temperaments that he has met. He is house trained and does well in his crate. He enjoys taking naps in his crate, so leaving the door open for him to go in and out as he pleases makes him happy. Marty goes crazy for cheese and eggs, he will voluntarily pull out all his tricks for his favorite treat! He has discovered playing in the snow is awesome, and licks as much of it as possible before its time to go inside! He is hoping for a family that will take him to training classes so he can show off his skills and learn new ones. Are you the one Marty is looking for?

My ideal home will enroll in the training classes ARF offers right away, so we can start bonding and building our relationship on the right paw.

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