4921F: Duchess

2 years old

Please note: We cannot guarantee the size or breed of our animals.

If you’re looking for a new best friend, Duchess is looking to fill that spot for you! Duchess enjoys going for walks, eating and snuggling up with a good movie. She is a very sweet girl and eager to please. Duchess was a great momma to her 6 pups. She kept them safe with her before they were rescued by ARF and boarded a plane bound for Calgary for a better life and to find their forever homes. Duchess adapted very quickly into her foster home and learned the rules of the house without any resistance. She quickly discovered how nice it is to be part of her foster family and having all the comforts of a safe home with her pups. She is fully house trained and will go in a crate happily if she gets a bone to chew on. She has done very well being out of the crate during the day, and has not gotten into any mischief when left alone. Duchess gets along very well with the other dogs in the house, and has come to love playing tug-a-war, wrestling and a good game of chase with them. We have been working on her basic obedience skills and she has them down solid now, it did not take much effort as she is a very smart girl. She will greatly benefit from training classes her new family enrolls and participates in, as she enjoys working for treats and most likely had no training prior to being rescued. Duchess is sweet and gentle around children. She is a solid girl weighing in around 140 lbs. She does like to give high fives and hugs, which sometimes are a little heavy handed as she doesn’t know her strength, but we are working on it! They don’t come much sweeter and loyal than Duchess, you couldn’t ask for a better best friend!

My ideal home will enroll in the training classes ARF offers right away, so we can start bonding and building our relationship on the right paw.

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