4922M: Jude

6.5 months old

Please note: We cannot guarantee the size or breed of our animals.

Playful, intelligent and loves snacks!

Jude is an amazing pup, you couldn’t ask for a better behaved guy. He is a big pup and growing bigger by the day. Everyone who meets him comments on how quiet and well behaved he is and of course on his big and beautiful eyes, they can melt anyone’s heart! He is very smart and learns new skill quickly and maintains them. He likes to play and wrestle with all of the pups and dogs in his foster home. It does not take him long to assess a dog and learn their boundaries and methods of play, as not all dogs like being pounced on by a chunky pup! He is house trained and crate trained. He does best in the crate if he has some toys and things to chew on to entertain himself. At night he does very well sleeping on his dog bed and he does so for the entire night until the alarm goes off in the morning. Jude has great name recall and does really well going on walks. He gets very excited when he discovers it’s time for a walk or a car ride. He does not like being outside for very long when the temperatures are very cold – occasionally needing a little nudge out the door and encouraged to do his business, he has tender tootsies and does not like cold feet! On the warmer days he really enjoys romping around and being outside for as long as he can. Jude will do wonderfully in training classes with his new family and will succeed in advancing the skills he has already mastered and learning new ones. If you are looking for a new addition to you family, one that likes to play, snuggle and to share your snacks with, Jude might be your guy!

My ideal home will enroll in the training classes ARF offers right away, so we can start bonding and building our relationship on the right paw.

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