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Ramona started fostering with ARF in February of 2014. While she has done some amazing work with a few fearful puppies, the majority of the 14 foster dogs she’s had have been adult dogs. They’ve also been some of our harder-to-adopt dogs, with various behaviour issues. Ramona never hesitated though, and jumped right in, taking assistance, advice and classes from one of our experienced volunteers and a local trainer, Cindy Peacock. Ramona also helps in the Dog Program with adoption application phone screenings, adoption followup emails and phone calls and the occasional on-boarding of new volunteers. Photographed with Ramona is her 10-year-old rescue, Bella. She was adopted about 8 years ago from an amazing organization in Edmonton and she is a poster child for foster dogs! Thanks Ramona, for all your hard work and dedication to ARF!

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    • Beth Honeychurch
    • October 4, 2017

    Ramona, the work you have been able to do with some of the more challenging dogs is more valuable than words can express. It is relatively easy to “save a puppy” but only the very best can give a more challenging dog the skills and love it takes for them to truly be saved.

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