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Kraus ARF April 2016 volIMG_3190

Our featured volunteer this month is a three-generation family. Meet mom Lisa, daughter Makayla, and “Bobba” Marty, pictured here with their own ARF dogs; Chloe and Hershey. Hershey started out as a foster pup, but he turned into a “forever foster” when it was discovered that he had a heart condition that made any surgery, including his neuter, quite risky. Just recently however, Hershey successfully became adoptable after being neutered and the Kraus family were thrilled to adopt him as their own.

This family started out as a foster home for puppies and the occasional adult dog, but has branched out into many areas. All three of them attend numerous corporate and youth events. Given she is not in school and is retired, Marty rarely misses a youth or corporate event and she has a real knack at finding the folks who look like they need more information about ARF and the adoption process. Marty is also a very active member of the adoption screening team. If you have been to the regular Saturday PetSmart showing, or Saturday ARF puppy classes, you will have seen all three of these ladies. In addition, they regularly visit one of our active holding homes to help with puppy socialization and the occasional puppy bath. That is why you will find a some extra puppies in the family picture. Thanks ladies for all you do for the animals and for the lucky families who have adopted one of the animals you have invested so much love, socialization, and training in.

Thanks Marty, Lisa and Makayla for everything you do!

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