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There isn’t a lot that Aneil Rajaram doesn’t do for ARF. As a volunteer, he is one of our most committed team members. He’s often the face of our organization at our events, but does so much more beyond that. He’s helped with the Walk n’ Wag organizing committee, was key in us getting to work with Uber on UberPUPPIES this spring, and takes the lead on many of the festivals we participate in throughout the year.

Aneil also works for Benevity and has found ways to involve that organization in ARF’s quite heavily. From bringing out Benevity volunteers to help at ARF activities to organizing puppy cuddles in his office for donations, he’s worked hard to promote ARF’s name at his workplace. Beyond events and his Benevity work, Aneil’s always willing to bring forward great ideas, has fostered puppies for ARF when needed, and has been an amazing ambassador for our organization.

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    • Jen
    • October 26, 2016

    I love working with you, and volunteering with you. You are a ray of sunshine in everyone’s lives, and I’m so happy you’re part of mine. #DoGooders #wearewe

    • Micki
    • October 26, 2016

    So great to see Aneil recognized for his hard work! He speaks so highly of ARF and has been an incredible ambassador of your team’s work, inside Benevity and around the community. Can’t wait to get me some puppy cuddles tomorrow. Thanks Aneil for all the good you do!

    • Ranelka
    • October 26, 2016

    Very proud of you cousin

  1. Aneil Rajaram, you volunteering to help save animals is really amazing. I really hope you can inspire a lot of people to volunteer in helping out more animals out there. I myself is a dog enthusiast here in Boston, and i found it challenging to gain support from the local government and from the local people. I have to work hard to reach my supporters so i can understand all your hardwork. I help other organizations by sharing their works, their sites here in Boston via internet so they can have more views. You can see i have enclosed my website at if you wish to see how we do it here in Boston.

    Thank you and all the best,

    Michael Dupre

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