Bow’s Happy Ending

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We are so happy to have a new addition to our family! Bow is an absolute sweetheart; we have renamed her Minnow, but her nickname is now NuNu. I swear she has not stopped purring since we welcomed her to our home. She spends her day watching the birds and squirrels in the garden, sharpening her claws on her scratch pad or lounging about in the sun. If she is not in the living room animal watching, she can be found lounging on top of the heating vents with her paws tucked-in with a lazy look in her eyes, purring away.

When it’s time for her to eat she does the most adorable thing. She waits for her food dish to be full and before she begins to eat, she rubs against my ankles while purring and meowing to thank me; it makes my heart melt!

She has gotten into the habit of hanging out in the bathtub when I’m in the bathroom. She likes to roll around trying to catch her tail and lies on her back wanting her belly to be pet. NuNu only likes 3 strokes when being pet, otherwise she will swat you away! She likes to follow me around the house and is pretty much always in the same room as me. We love to snuggle and watch films together; she tucks herself into the nook of my arm and purrs herself to sleep. When it’s bedtime, she curls up in my arms and I get hold her like a teddy bear.

She’s becoming my best friend and I cannot imagine my life without this big-eyed Minnow!


India D.


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