Harper & Portia’s Happy Ending

Harper has been amazingly patient with my son since day 1.  He carries her everywhere, and she purrs and never uses her claws.  Portia is a little more reserved, but when I am on my own, she jumps up on my lap, and I’ve discovered she is very mischievous and curious.  They are the perfect […]


Blossom’s Happy Ending

On August 5, 2017 we were able to pick up the newest member of our family! Formerly called “Blossom”, and now Gracie, she has been a welcome addition in our lives. Gracie enjoys camping trips, freeze dried salmon and her custom kitty post her Grandpa made for her. She is doing amazing with her potty […]


Chevy’s Happy Ending

We recently adopted Simone, and renamed her Chevy. She immediately loved her new name and it only took her 30 minutes to feel at home with us. She loves to cuddle and is always on our heels and by our side. She is very smart and easy to train. She’s loving all the neighbourhood dogs […]


Zuke’s Happy Ending

We adopted Zuke (formerly known as Blue) just under a week ago and he’s already become a huge part of our family. Zuke has a silly, yet loving personality, and has proven to be incredibly smart for only being 4 months old. He loves to show how much he loves you with his tail wag […]


Emma & Nano’s Happy Ending

Two years ago today, I brought Emma and Nano home with me.  They continue to bring much joy and energy into our home! They are wonderful sisters, both a little sassy, but always loving and adorable. They will turn four on May 10, so this is quite the celebration week for us! This is a […]


Shady’s Happy Ending

Piper (4756F) has been renamed Shady and is now enjoying her days lounging and playing with toys! She is full of energy and loves people. She will often find the closest human friend and cuddle up as close as she can. She loves going for doggie playtime and chewing on her toys. Oh, and treats, […]


Loki’s Happy Ending

It’s been 11 months since we adopted Loki. He has been the most amazing, fun and energetic addition to our family. He’s incredibly smart and likes to cuddle…well, he decides when he likes to cuddle. Loki went from a 12 lb pup when we first got him, to a 70 lb pup almost a year later. […]


Reya’s Happy Ending

It’s been over a month since we adopted Reya and she is doing wonderful! She is more than we could have ever expected and has settled into our home awesome (with a few hiccups along the way). Reya loves the dog park so much she leads us there on walks. Her second favourite place is […]


Sadie’s Happy Ending

Matthew & I have had our hearts stolen by one amazing dog. When we first met Sadie at Pet Smart Days, she was very timid and nervous, and for some reason no one wanted to say hi to her. Matthew & I love all dogs, so we went over to her and quietly waited until […]

CALGARY SUN PHOTO  Pat Salt try's to give her pooch Vada (4 yrs) some help crossing the deep snow as she has no problem with her new snow shoes near their home in NE Calgary

Vada’s Happy Ending

Vada was a prime example of a mutt; not a dog you’d expect most families to seek out. He was a handsome guy, with long, shaggy fur, and a matted, slobbery beard, but his write-up on the ARF website was ‘less than desirable’ at a first glance. Vada had been found on a reserve, running […]


Opie’s (Topper) Happy Ending

I wanted to send in a happy ending story after such a cool coincidence happened last week at the dog park! My husband and I are newlyweds, and we wanted to adopt a dog after moving from Ontario to help us build our home here in Calgary.  We fell in love with Opie as soon […]

Willow's First Bath

Willow’s Happy Ending

Willow is our 4th rescue dog and our second from ARF.  Our family met Willow at a time when we were mourning the loss of our previous rescue dog, and so we like to think she rescued us and stole our hearts! She was not even posted on your website yet; her foster family had her […]

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