Dana’s Happy Ending

We just wanted to send a few photos of how Dana (Cedar) has grown. I rescued our other dog Fox through ARF 13 years ago, and now we have a new ARF addition to the family! We were very impressed with the whole process; from screener to foster home to follow-up. We were very impressed with […]


Rue’s Happy Ending

I would let you know that ‘Bella’ is now Rue! She is doing awesome. I am so happy with how she fits into our family and gets along with our other dog. She is smart and has a gentle playful nature. She loves her walks on and off the leash. She had her first experience […]


Max & Lotus’s Happy Ending

I adopted 2 cats from your organization and through Pisces Pet Store about 2 months ago. I just wanted you to know that Max and Lotus are all settled in and love their new home. Lotus was a bit shy at first but she has come around full circle. Max and Lotus are very good […]


Bailey & Echo’s Happy Ending

I have so much I need to thank ARF for. First, I would like to thank you for the amazing experience of being a foster home. It is by far the most rewarding volunteer opportunity that I’ve had. It isn’t always easy but being able to be such a big part of finding a dog […]


Zoey’s Happy Ending

Keyera (now Zoey), has been a wonderful addition to our family. In only 4 months she is completely ingrained into her new life and it is hard to believe, or imagine, that it has been such a short time. Feels like she has been here forever. She is training us as much as we are […]


Zack’s Happy Ending

We adopted Zack three weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier. He has brought us many moments of pure laughter and love. Zack is the sweetest dog and just loves his cuddles with us. One of his favourite daily activities is the off leash park where he can run and play with other dogs. My mom is counting down […]


Luna’s Happy Ending

We have had Luna (formerly Snow White) for just a little over a week and it feels like she has been a part of the family forever!  She is such a wonderful pup: fun, sweet, adventurous, and smart. Luna walks the kids to school every day and is my constant companion. Luna and Kyla (my other […]


Penny’s Happy Ending

We met Penny at PetSmart in July. We went to see another dog, and Penny was there like a Wal-Mart greeter. I think she chose us, because as we waited for the other dog to arrive, Penny followed my husband everywhere he went in the store. As we were leaving, we said goodbye to Penny, […]


Badger’s Happy Ending

I wanted to write to you so that I could express the gratitude that I have for ARF in connecting us with our new puppy, Badger.  He’s an energetic little bundle of joy, although I’m not sure 34 pounds is very little. He has blended in so well into our lifestyle that it feels like […]


Bo’s Happy Ending

I wanted to send you a follow up on our baby Bo (previously Ace). We adopted Bo last winter. He was found under some stairs with his siblings on a very, very cold stretch last winter. He was one of the lucky babes that survived. Thankfully he was rescued by ARF and we met him […]


Miya’s Happy Ending

It’s me Miya! You might remember me as Mackenzie 4011, I was adopted on April 11, 2013. I only remember the exact day because it was super special day. My boy human brought me to the park where we met his now fiancé and he proposed! I’m a lucky girl to be part of such a […]


Lola’s Happy Ending

Lola (formerly Pippi) is doing incredibly well and is a wonderful addition to our family. She is a VERY healthy pup and extremely strong. She loves the water and enjoys the lake as much as anyone in our family! Thank you for allowing us to adopt this perfect match for our family! Dan & Kim Schuler

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