Tia & Tigga Need a Special Home!

Tia (darker orange) and Tigga (lighter orange) are FeLV+ (Feline Leukemia) kittens that are up for adoption at Pisces. They are the nicest, most well tempered kitties ever. Seriously! We’d love it if they were adopted together, but they can be adopted separately, too. The do absolutely need to go to a home without other […]


Pet of the Week – Princess

This is Princess – also known as ‘Wiggles.’ Princess is a very sweet dog and her whole body wiggles whenever she feels joy – hence the nickname ‘Wiggles.’ She has a gurgly growl that she likes to use whenever she is happy. Princess has also mastered ‘sit’, ‘lay down’, ‘come’ and ‘leave it’. She’s a […]


Pet of the Week – Willow

Willow is a funny girl who keeps her foster family laughing every day. This loving girl knows basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘shake’ and ‘come’. She is working on improving on the ‘stay’ command as well as ‘leave it.’ Everyone’s confident that she’ll get this mastered in no time. In addition to being the […]


Pet of the Week – Sandro

If you’ve ever wanted a smart, well-rounded pup – Sandro is the man for you. Sandro is a good natured, friendly puppy looking for his forever home. Sandro is house trained, crate trained and knows ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and is working on ‘leave it’. He is very intelligent and picks up on new commands very quickly […]


Pet of the Week – Flower

We would like to introduce you to Flower. Flower is a smart, loving, and an eager-to-learn dog. Her foster family has helped her to learn to walk on a leash and have taught her the commands ‘sit’ and ‘down’. Flower is also fully house trained. Flower is an avid runner and has recently started running […]


Pet of the Week – Baxter

Meet Baxter – an energetic young boy looking for a home to call his own. Baxter knows basic commands and is currently learning to ‘stay’ as he sometimes gets a little impatient as a young dog sometimes does. He has proven to be a quick learner and should have this command handled in no time […]


Pet of the Week – Tanner

Who loves the dog park, playing in the water, playing fetch, chewing bones and going on walks? That’s right! It’s Tanner! Tanner is a young guy looking for his forever family and home. When he’s not playing with his 3 foster siblings he might be having an afternoon nap in his kennel or be by […]


Pet of the Week – Keyera

Meet Keyera. This adorable one year old girl is looking for her forever home. Not only is she available to be your family’s newest member but she brings along with her a sweet, gentle and loving disposition. What more could you ask for? Despite an old injury on her back left paw she doesn’t let […]


Pet of the Week – Nixon

Please meet Nixon! Nixon is a loving young dog ready to find his forever home. Nixon is one smart cookie. He loves learning new things and has mastered the commands of ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘shake-a-paw,’ ‘wait’ (his version of ‘stay’), ‘look-at-me’ and ‘touch’. The command ‘touch’ challenges him to use his foster parents’ hand as a […]


Pet of the Week – Copper

Meet Copper! Copper is a super cute snuggle bug that requires some extra care. He is off all medications and doing well. Copper is currently on a raw diet to build his immune system and maintain his health. A home where a raw diet will continue would be best for this guy. Copper knows the […]


Pet of the Week – Penny

Meet Penny! Penny could be called ‘Perfect Penny’ because she is just so awesome! Penny is quiet, sweet and gentle, and does not have a nasty bone in her body. Her only issues are that she is claustrophobic and cannot be crated (however, there does not appear to be any problems if she is left in the […]


Pet of the Week – Purrdita & Tigger

Meet Purrdita and Tigger! These two kitties are foster siblings and both are looking for a loving home. They understand that they might not be placed in the same forever home but they’re okay with that. Purrdita loves to, well, purr – hence the name! This little petite girl loves to play, especially with her […]

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