Astrid Needs Your Help

Astrid was rescued on January 7th, 2014 at 3 months old. We received a call about an injured puppy and went out to see how we could help her. It is likely her current injuries were due to an attack by another animal. She had several injuries to her back legs and immediately received surgery on puncture wounds.

After more than a month of recovery, Astrid’s leg just wasn’t healing the way it should, so we brought her to a specialist to see if there were any other underlying conditions that needed treatment. After x-rays and close examination, we have found out that Astrid also has a torn cruciate ligament in her back leg. Due to some muscle atrophy around the injury site, it seems like this injury was an injury that occurred previous to the attack.

Now, Astrid is facing TPLO surgery – a very intensive, precise surgery that needs to be performed by an orthopedic surgeon. Post surgery, Astrid will be looking at about 12-16 weeks of recovery with an additional unknown period of physiotherapy if the surgeon is happy with her progress.

You can help. ARF does everything it can to help a dog or cat once rescued. Astrid’s vet bills are already over a few thousand dollars and we expect that her next surgery will be close to $4000, plus her recovery time will be extensive. These costs will not be picked up by Astrid’s adoptive family, but will be paid by ARF. ARF is a registered charity, staffed almost entirely by volunteers, and reliant on donations. You can help Astrid, and other dogs and cats like her, by donating below. Astrid’s story is just one of hundreds. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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