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Well hello there! I’m Isabella and I’m one happy rescue dog! My foster mom says I “exude happiness”. I’m not sure what that means but I know my tail is always wagging and I love life. I was very thin and sick when ARF Ontario rescued me. I’m feeling great now and have an abundance of energy at all times! I am looking for a home outside of Ontario due to discriminatory breed specific legislation which deems me illegal based on my appearance only. 

My top ten list of things that keep me happy include: humans, playing with my canine buddies, long walks, swimming, car rides, off leash hikes in safe areas, squeaky toys, rawhides, peanut butter filled kongs, and most of all, snuggling with my humans! I’ve been told I’m a very active and social butterfly and often my excitement gets the better of me. I LOVE treats and these help to reinforce those things called “manners”. I’m working hard and I am a good student since I’m very food motivated. I’ve already earned an A+ when it comes to crate training, leash walking, recall, and expert couch cuddling.

I am fully crate trained and my crate is a great place to spend some time when my humans are gone. I am a busy gal and there are SO many things to explore. I sometimes forget what is acceptable to chew so enjoying a rawhide in my crate not only keeps me safe but my foster family’s belongings too!

Canine buddies are fantastic but cats are definitely not my cup of tea. I am looking for a kitty free home without young children as I can be too exuberant and jumpy for small humans. I also have a hard time remembering that food and treats are not just for me so I’m looking for a dog savvy adopter who understands how to manage resource guarding safely and effectively.

I am spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and ready to find my forever family. I am extremely food motivated so training is lots of fun. If you are looking for a companion full of energy and affection, then I just might be your girl!

If you think you are the right family for me then go to the ARF Ontario website, click on the “Adopt me Icon” next to my name “Isabella”.

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