Koda’s Story

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I was a foster for ARF dogs from 2011 to 2013; on March 24, 2012, I adopted Koda, a 6 year-old shepherd cross, after a few months with no interest from the public. Since he was badly abused by his original owner, it took a year to remove his fear of people and aggression toward other dogs. He became a true member of our family, and perhaps the best friend I have ever had.
We have recently taken him for blood tests and x-rays; he was found to have a large tumour attached to his spleen and liver. Because of the advanced state, we have decided not to undergo the surgery and chemotherapy, but rather spend the remainder of his quality time with us at home. This wonderful fellow is indicative of what love and kindness can do to remove the impact of years of abuse.
Please continue doing the great work you do for our four-footed friends.

-Chris B.

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