Large Cat Intake

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We recently had a large intake of cats that are all in need of medical care. In addition to regular vetting, they will need treatment for URV, eye infections, severe ear mites, diarrhea, and ringworm. The cost to treat these ailments is not cheap, especially for 14 cats, so any monetary donations would be greatly appreciated. We are also in need of clumping litter and gastro food for them. All are expected to make full recoveries and will be up for adoption in a few months.

As you know, ARF does everything it can to help a dog or cat once rescued. These vet bills will undoubtedly be high but these costs will not be picked up by any adoptive family, but will be paid by ARF. ARF is a registered charity, staffed almost entirely by volunteers, and reliant on donations. You can help these cats, and other dogs and cats like them, by donating. This story is just one of hundreds. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

You can help these cats by donating to ARF.
Monetary donations are greatly appreciated, and tax receipts are issued for donations over $20.

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