Loki’s Happy Ending

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It’s been 11 months since we adopted Loki. He has been the most amazing, fun and energetic addition to our family. He’s incredibly smart and likes to cuddle…well, he decides when he likes to cuddle. Loki went from a 12 lb pup when we first got him, to a 70 lb pup almost a year later. We hope he keeps his pup mentality forever. He’s so much fun to watch figure out a puzzle, play hide-and-seek, watch the wildlife outside, or just play at the park. We spend most of our free time playing with him and it’s incredibly rewarding.

Dog parks are his favourite. He loves to wrestle and play with the other dogs. But when it’s time to leave…good luck. He would never leave or stop playing if we let him. He also loves his daycare at Waggin Tails (http://www.waggintailscalgary.com/). Susan and the rest of the gang there take great care of Loki and his pals.

We had always wanted a dog and doing the adoption through ARF was well worth it. It’s an incredible organization and we would highly recommend them to anyone considering adding a new family member to their home.

Loki is the best and we can’t imagine our lives without him. Thank you so much for helping us find him.

~Nadia & Christian

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