Opie’s (Topper) Happy Ending

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I wanted to send in a happy ending story after such a cool coincidence happened last week at the dog park!

My husband and I are newlyweds, and we wanted to adopt a dog after moving from Ontario to help us build our home here in Calgary.  We fell in love with Opie as soon as we saw his first picture online (he was named Topper) because of the way he tilted his head, giving him a very cute and curious look!  As soon as we met our love for him was confirmed, and he has fit flawlessly into our home and daily routines since the day we took him home!

Opie’s favourite place to be is the dog park.  Last week, we spotted a puppy that looked exactly like one of Opie’s sibling who we had also seen through ARF – it was Porter!! He is now named Marley, and him and Opie love to play together! 

We love Opie so much, as he has helped to complete our home.  We are complimented all the time on his nature and temperament – he is so calm, well behaved, and affectionate.  I even took him to my school for the last day of exams for some puppy relief; he loved the attention as much as the students loved him! We cannot thank you guys enough! 

Thanks a million!

Danielle and Andrew L.

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