Ozekee – One Tough Dude

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Ozekee was rescued on August 1st after a concerned citizen called because he found an injured cat near his home. Ozekee was unable to walk or lift his head and had several open wounds to a front leg. We rushed him to Fish Creek Vet and we found that his temperature was 41 degrees because of a raging infection. He had been attacked by another cat and his left leg had three large abscesses and multiple lacerations. The injuries were cleaned, drained and repaired under sedation. Ozekee spent the next 10 days on pain killers and antibiotics, but has since made a complete and full recovery.

Ozekee is a trooper! We rarely see cats recover from such serious injuries in such a short time with such an amazing prognosis. Ozekee is currently re-learning how to use his leg, but will otherwise carry on to live a full, normal and happy life!

He is available for adoption at Pisces Pet Emporium if you would like to visit him in all his beautiful glory!

Once ARF has brought an animal into its care, we will do everything we can to help them overcome any physical or emotional injuries they may have. Our financial commitments are large, as is our commitment to these animals.

You can help animals like Ozekee by donating to ARF.

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated, and tax receipts are issued for donations over $20.

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