Sadie’s Happy Ending

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Matthew & I have had our hearts stolen by one amazing dog.

When we first met Sadie at Pet Smart Days, she was very timid and nervous, and for some reason no one wanted to say hi to her.

Matthew & I love all dogs, so we went over to her and quietly waited until she was ready for us to pet her. We spent over an hour sitting with her and speaking to her foster family. We discovered Sadie didn’t even have a name when she was surrendered, and no one knew very much about her.

We instantly fell in love with her timid, loving personality. She was perfectly content to just have us petting her.

As we left Pet Smart we knew this was something of a “meant to be” type situation. I had a family dog with my parents, whom passed away 2 days after I moved to Calgary (June 2014), whose name was Sadie.

Since adopting Sadie, her personality has opened up so much. She is silly, smart, polite and loving. She has shown us that we are just has much hers as she is ours, and she truly trusts us.

Sadie loves treats and she has mastered  the commands “sit; paws; up; kiss; down; and stay” (depending on the treat).  Her recall is good when we’re not at the dog park.  She is great with kids, and other dogs – especially at the local dog park.

Sadie now has developed separation anxiety when we go to work. She does not like her crate and has managed to get out of it three times (the only times she was in there). Did we tell you she is smart?

We are working very hard with her on this and we definitely are seeing progress.

Thank you again for helping with Sadie’s & Our Happy Ending!

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