Harper & Portia’s Happy Ending

Harper has been amazingly patient with my son since day 1.  He carries her everywhere, and she purrs and never uses her claws.  Portia is a little more reserved, but when I am on my own, she jumps up on my lap, and I’ve discovered she is very mischievous and curious.  They are the perfect […]


Blossom’s Happy Ending

On August 5, 2017 we were able to pick up the newest member of our family! Formerly called “Blossom”, and now Gracie, she has been a welcome addition in our lives. Gracie enjoys camping trips, freeze dried salmon and her custom kitty post her Grandpa made for her. She is doing amazing with her potty […]


Emma & Nano’s Happy Ending

Two years ago today, I brought Emma and Nano home with me.  They continue to bring much joy and energy into our home! They are wonderful sisters, both a little sassy, but always loving and adorable. They will turn four on May 10, so this is quite the celebration week for us! This is a […]


Bow’s Happy Ending

We are so happy to have a new addition to our family! Bow is an absolute sweetheart; we have renamed her Minnow, but her nickname is now NuNu. I swear she has not stopped purring since we welcomed her to our home. She spends her day watching the birds and squirrels in the garden, sharpening […]


Large Cat Intake

We recently had a large intake of cats that are all in need of medical care. In addition to regular vetting, they will need treatment for URV, eye infections, severe ear mites, diarrhea, and ringworm. The cost to treat these ailments is not cheap, especially for 14 cats, so any monetary donations would be greatly […]


Tia & Tigga Need a Special Home!

Tia (darker orange) and Tigga (lighter orange) are FeLV+ (Feline Leukemia) kittens that are up for adoption at Pisces. They are the nicest, most well tempered kitties ever. Seriously! We’d love it if they were adopted together, but they can be adopted separately, too. The do absolutely need to go to a home without other […]


Nyx’s Happy Ending

Since we are coming up to almost a year now of having our fur baby Nyx I wanted to share our happy story. Nyx has fit in perfectly with our family, my son adores her. She is a very good natured kitty, loves to cuddle. She is very tolerant of my 4 yr old son, […]


Ozekee – One Tough Dude

Ozekee was rescued on August 1st after a concerned citizen called because he found an injured cat near his home. Ozekee was unable to walk or lift his head and had several open wounds to a front leg. We rushed him to Fish Creek Vet and we found that his temperature was 41 degrees because […]


Foster Home Open House

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 3, 2015 Foster Home Recruitment Open House Find out what it’s like to foster with ARF and how you can get involved. Calgary, AB: The Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) of Alberta, announced today that they will host their first foster home recruitment open house in order to reach a wider audience […]


New Patient, Charlie

Charlie was just rescued (July 16, 2015). He was found as a stray in Conrich, AB and brought to the Chestermere Vet Clinic where they immediately contacted ARF to see if we were able to assist. He was stabilized, started on pain medication and transported to Calgary by one of their AHT’s. Charlie is about […]


Summer Lovin’

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ll have seen stories about emergency adoption events. All rescues and shelters in the Greater Calgary Area are either at-capacity or over it. We are no different! We don’t have a shelter, but rely on the generosity of Calgarians opening their homes and becoming foster parents. ARF currently […]


Sweet Little Zoë

Zoë was brought into ARF’s care on Tuesday, June 16th. She had been badly injured from an animal attack and her family surrendered her to us to ensure that she could receive all the appropriate medical care she would require. Zoë has extensive injuries to her face, mostly on her right side, including a badly […]

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