Reya’s Happy Ending

It’s been over a month since we adopted Reya and she is doing wonderful! She is more than we could have ever expected and has settled into our home awesome (with a few hiccups along the way). Reya loves the dog park so much she leads us there on walks. Her second favourite place is […]


You Can Be A Hero!

And it’s so easy – just open your home to an adult dog in need. Winter is upon us, and with it comes an influx of dogs needing emergency placement in our program. We are receiving calls almost every other day for placement of adult dogs. Our classification of “adult” is anywhere from 6 months to […]


Opie’s (Topper) Happy Ending

I wanted to send in a happy ending story after such a cool coincidence happened last week at the dog park! My husband and I are newlyweds, and we wanted to adopt a dog after moving from Ontario to help us build our home here in Calgary.  We fell in love with Opie as soon […]

Willow's First Bath

Willow’s Happy Ending

Willow is our 4th rescue dog and our second from ARF.  Our family met Willow at a time when we were mourning the loss of our previous rescue dog, and so we like to think she rescued us and stole our hearts! She was not even posted on your website yet; her foster family had her […]


Koda’s Story

I was a foster for ARF dogs from 2011 to 2013; on March 24, 2012, I adopted Koda, a 6 year-old shepherd cross, after a few months with no interest from the public. Since he was badly abused by his original owner, it took a year to remove his fear of people and aggression toward […]


Kairo’s Happy Ending

Kairo has brought such an incredible amount of joy to our lives. His perky attitude puts everyone around him in a positive mood, and his handsome good looks help his case that much more! He is a smart pooch and a very quick learner as well! He has learned to sit, come here, lie down, […]


Koa’s Happy Ending

We adopted Koa (previously Harper) in the summer of 2012 at 9 months old. Today he is 4.5 years old and is a happy, healthy and very loyal dog that is about to become a big brother to twin girls!  Koa has been apart of the family since day 1. He loves to run and […]


Tucker’s Happy Ending

We adopted Tucker about a month ago now and we absolutely love having him as part of our family! Tucker LOVES his spot on the couch where he can look out the window all day, and also loves head scratches, belly rubs, going for walks and meeting new people. Everyone he meets is always amazed at […]


Nero’s Happy Ending

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Nero; he is adjusting really well! After a couple of hours of being here he wanted to run around the house. My other cat, Sookie, and him have been chasing each other around and playing all of the time. They are accepting each other really […]


Obie’s Happy Ending

Not long after my husband and I got married, I wanted to adopt a dog. I went to Pet Smart on a Saturday “just to look”, but once I laid eyes on Obie, I fell in love. We had a cuddle and played in the store, and I came home declaring I had found the […]


Large Cat Intake

We recently had a large intake of cats that are all in need of medical care. In addition to regular vetting, they will need treatment for URV, eye infections, severe ear mites, diarrhea, and ringworm. The cost to treat these ailments is not cheap, especially for 14 cats, so any monetary donations would be greatly […]


Ozekee – One Tough Dude

Ozekee was rescued on August 1st after a concerned citizen called because he found an injured cat near his home. Ozekee was unable to walk or lift his head and had several open wounds to a front leg. We rushed him to Fish Creek Vet and we found that his temperature was 41 degrees because […]

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