Vada’s Happy Ending

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Vada was a prime example of a mutt; not a dog you’d expect most families to seek out. He was a handsome guy, with long, shaggy fur, and a matted, slobbery beard, but his write-up on the ARF website was ‘less than desirable’ at a first glance. Vada had been found on a reserve, running around with a troupe of other hounds. According to his online description, he was timid, awkward, didn’t get along well with children, and was a compulsive runaway. He had a tough 3-year life so far, and was missing half his bottom lip and tongue. Not exactly the ideal companion for a family of three. But there was something about this dog that had my mom hooked. And now, eight years later, we are still so thankful we made the decision to welcome Vada into our home.

Vada witnessed both my high school and university graduations. He helped our family when a loved one was diagnosed with cancer, and was there when that same family member entered remission. He was not only a dog, but a beloved, loyal companion and an affectionate friend. He would meet you at the door wagging his tail, whining and dancing with happiness. He would join you when you were watching TV and keep up with you for a run in the park or a hike in the mountains. He became my dad’s walking buddy and played soccer with my mom. He was gentle, goofy, and perfect. Vada was my best friend.

He was also a bit of a poster dog for ARF having been featured prominently on the foundation’s website and displayed on official ARF materials.

At the age of eleven, and after eight lovely, meaningful years with us, Vada passed away.

Rescuing a dog and giving it a warm, caring home is a wonderful experience, as it not only provides a home for the animal, but a connection and friendship like no other. We will miss Vada so much and it will take a long time to heal. Thank you ARF for allowing this opportunity to happen; the time we spent with him, the relationship that developed, and, of course, all the memories. We appreciate your foundation, your volunteers, your foster moms and dads. With all our gratitude, we thank you.

~Maya, Pat & Gerald

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    • Darrell McGorman
    • March 2, 2017

    Wow that’s a wonderful life. ARF is an amazing organization. I have lost an ARF dog as well. I lost my lab cross Beau in April of 2016. Dogs add so much to our lives. Vada sounds like he was a wonderful Freind and family member.

    • Tara
    • March 8, 2017

    I remember Vada! I remember driving around looking for him and putting posters up around a neighborhood after one of his escapes (when I volunteered with ARF years ago). My condolences to you and your family – I know how hard it is to lose a dog. It sounds like Vada had a wonderful life with you.

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