Zuke’s Happy Ending

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We adopted Zuke (formerly known as Blue) just under a week ago and he’s already become a huge part of our family. Zuke has a silly, yet loving personality, and has proven to be incredibly smart for only being 4 months old. He loves to show how much he loves you with his tail wag (that involves his entire backside to wiggle) and giving you kisses on your toes. He loves rolling around in the grass and throwing his toys up in the air to try and catch them. We are very excited to take him to his puppy classes ARF provides with puppy/dog adoptions, with the recommended dog training facilities. We have no doubt he will blow us away with how easy it will be for him to learn new things. Zuke truly melts mine and Greg’s hearts with his stunning blue eyes along with knowing he is now one of the biggest parts of our family. We can’t wait to share all of our adventures with him!

~Cassandra & Greg

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