Foster an Animal

ARF is always in need of committed foster parents who can give a rescued dog or cat a temporary home and get it started on its way. Most of our animals have never been inside a home before and have not always been treated very well; therefore, they need some basic training and lots of love.

Please Note: All foster homes must be in the Calgary area. All food and medical care is provided.

Our amazing foster homes care for an animal and attend to all of its needs, including:

  • vet appointments (if needed)
  • feeding, walking and training
  • having potential adopters in your home to meet your foster
  • making the final decision on who adopts your foster
  • and in the case of a dog, visiting the potential adopters home to see if their yard is secure and bringing him to PetSmart some weekends to meet potential adopters
Why Foster an Animal?

Some of the benefits of fostering include:

  • If you’re considering adopting, you can see what the full-time commitment is like by fostering a dog or cat in your home (please note that we request you commit to at least 6 months of fostering before adopting. We can only rescue as many animals as we have foster homes for, so we need committed foster homes on an on-going basis)
  • You will have the joy of watching a puppy/kitten play, grow and flourish in your care
  • You will teach your children responsibility and care for an animal
  • We are very flexible, if you can’t foster for part of the summer or you’re going away, you can take a break and pick back up again when you return
  • You as the foster family have the final say in which family adopts the animal (all potential adopters go through a pre-screening)
  • You can be directly involved in saving a dog or cat’s life!!

Current Opportunities to Foster an Animal

Below are the various types of foster homes we need and a brief description. If you’re interested in fostering for us, fill out a foster home application and our Foster Home Coordinator will contact you as soon as possible!

Please note: Because each animal’s best interest is our top priority, we fully support and promote reward-based training techniques and ask that our volunteers, foster homes and adopters do too. View our Position on Training for more information.

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